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May – September

Basic FjordSafari & Hike to a goat farm

5 hours 30 minutes

Brekkefossen Waterfall 

3 hours

Brekkefossen waterfall

Aurlandsdalen valley

8-10 hours

Flåm valley

5 hours


6 hours

Mt. Prest

5 hours


5-6 hours


4 hours

hiking with fjord view

 Basic FjordSafari & Hike to a goat farm
Join us for a unique Fjordsafari combination-tour, including a Basic Fjordsafari and a guided hike to a goat cheese farm in the Aurlandsfjord. This tour provides the ultimate fjord impression. Combining a guided RIB-boat tour of the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord, a nature-trail hike and a slow food lunch at a traditional Norwegian mountain farm. True Norwegian traditions comes from the close connection between people and place and this tour is designed to show you the very best from our corner of the world.

 Brekkefossen Waterfall

– Explore the area and enjoy beautiful views of Flåm!

On the hiking trip to Brekkefossen waterfall you will have a grand view of the fjord and into the valley. Start the walk from Flåm town centre on asphalt road up the valley alongside the Flåm river. After 1,5 km easy walk, we continue up the mountain side on our way to the Brekke Waterfall platform. The rocky and steep trail quickly gains elevation and soon the small city of Flåm is visible through the trees. After about 30 minutes uphill hiking, the trail opens up on a grassy ledge, offering beautiful views of the area. Book a private guide to get a unique insight to the local culture, history and life by the fjord!

 Aurlandsdalen valley

-Discover the Grand Canyon of Norway

The well-known and historic Aurlandsdalen Valley, was once one of the main routes between the eastern and western parts of Norway. The area known as Norway’s Grand Canyon, is wild and breathtaking, rich in plant and animal life, cultural treasures, history and geological features. The hike stretches from Østerbø to Vassbygdi. It is considered to be a day’s hike of 6-8 hours. Here you will find an Aurlandsdalen Valley untouched by power project developments or other modern interventions in nature and landscapes. The path takes you past canyons and gorges, down steep slopes, surrounded by high and ragged mountain formations and it is an unforgettable experience for walkers. One should stop at the sites of the old farms of Nesbø, Sinjarheim and Almen. Many of the old houses are still there and pay witness to times past. There are many sayings and stories connected to the more unusual names of places one meets on the road. Worth mentioning is the strange rock cauldron with a tarn, named Vetlahelvete – little hell.

 Flåm valley

We start this guided tour with the famous Flåm Railway that takes you 20 km up through the Flåm Valley, from sea level to 867m amsl. At Myrdal you start the hike and can enjoy the views and the numerous waterfalls as you follow the river back down the valley. Enjoy a personal guided experience, packed with history, stories and local knowledge! Make a stop at Rallarrosa goat-farm (open from mid-June to mid Sept). Here you can buy delicious local produce from the milk-maids and meet the goats.

Alternative starting point can be Vatnahalsen or Blomheller, or you can make the hike shorter by taking the train again from Berekvam to Flåm (half way down the valley).

 Vindhellavegen – The Kings road
-The Old Kings road & Borgund Stave Church!

We start the day with a minivan from Flåm through the world’s longest road tunnel, Lærdalstunnelen famous for its beautiful light halls, and reach Husum in Lærdal. It is time to hike parts of the Old Kings road, Vindhellavegen, with impressive hair-pin bends through the mountain pass between Husum and the Borgund Stave Church. The road was built between 1842-1843, is 2,7 km long and is now a picturistic historical hiking rute. We reach Borgund Stave Church for a private tour of the church that was built around 1181. This stave church is the best preserved one in Norway. After spending about an hour at Borgund, its time to hike back to Husum on Sverrestigen. Here we walk in the footsteps of a Viking King! The name comes from the saga of Sverre which states King Sverre rode along this part of kongevegen in 1177.

Return options from Husum:

  • We visit Lærdalsøyri (old historical part of Lærdal) and continue over the stunning Aurland mountain pass, also known as the snow road. As we approach Aurland Municipality we stop at the beautiful Stegastein viewpoint to enjoy breathtaking view of the Aurlandsfjord.
  • For a shorter option, we can go directly back to Flåm.
  • Go back through the tunnel (Lærdalstunnelen) and include a stop at Stegastein viewpoint before returning to Flåm.

 Prest (Røyrgrind cairn)

– Panorama view of the Aurlandsfjord!

Our excursion starts with a drive from Flåm to Stegastein Viewpoint in our comfortable minivan. Enjoy beautiful views from the famous viewpoint before we continue the drive further up the road to the car park. From here, a well trodden path leads up the north edge of the mountain towards Mt. Prest. The hike is steep uphill, with considerably steep drops on the fjord (west) side of the track. At around 1000m height, there is a steeper section where the track narrows to a path with loose stones. After passing this, you begin to be rewarded with even better views of the fjord. Also, the cairn at 1363mas. comes into view above you. The path is wider and easier on the final stretch to the cairn. This part of the mountain is called Røyrgrind and this is where many choose to complete the hike. The cairn is an impressive size, and there is a little box with a notebook where you can leave a record of your visit. Breath in the fresh mountain air, enjoy a Norwegian hiking treat and take your fjord view selfie before we make our way back the same way towards Flåm.


-Panorama view of the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord!

We go by minivan from Flåm to the tiny village Bakka situated by the majestic Nærøyfjord. From here, we start our hike up Rimstigen. Rimstigen is an old trail that was used by farmers living along the Nærøyfjord when the only way to connect to nearby villages and cities was over the mountains. Rimstigen is the steepest trail in the area with a climb of 720 meters in just over 2km of trail. The hike is challenging and steep uphill, with high drops on the fjord side of the track. Enjoy fantastic views as you get to the top of Rimstigen, breath in the fresh air and make sure to take some pictures before we hike downhill the same trail.

Fun fact: every year, a running race is held on the track (it’s a thing in Norway, sprinting up steep mountain trails). The record time stands at 25 minutes.


– View of the Aurlandfjord!

We go by minivan from Flåm to the farm Vikesland (460masl). We follow the trail from Vikesland to the old mountain farm Hovdungo. Hovdungo is situated 780 metres above the beautiful Aurlandsfjord, and you get to enjoy spectacular views of the fjord – and mountain landscape. The hike is medium challenging, however some parts of the trail is very steep. On top you get awarded with one of the best fjord views in the area, before we make our way back on the same trail.